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Anton/Bauer Digital Battery Series redefines the power standard for a new generation of digital cameras

Redefining the power standard for a new generation of digital cameras and auxiliary equipment, the Digital Battery Series offers world-class levels of safety, performance and reliability in a sleek, ergonomic design.

As cameras and technology have evolved into the digital age, so have their power use profiles. The Digital Battery Series meets the unique needs of the digital world, while providing top-tier levels of safety, performance and reliability in a sleek design.

Delivered with a modern, ergonomic, mould breaking look, the new battery contains a proprietary digital filter that increases run-time and lengthens life cycle, eliminating the negative effects incurred when running digital technology with traditional battery circuitry. All with Anton/Bauer’s signature Gold Mount connector and balanced, high-quality cells that deliver a long performance life.

Key Values:
Truly Digital: Designed to limit the high frequency “ringing” produced by digital equipment on start up.
LCD Display: Conveniently reports run-time in hours and minutes when attached to a camera. Displays battery charge as a percentage of full when not attached to a camera.
PowerTap®: Ideal for powering camera accessories such as monitors, lights, wireless receivers or any other 14 V accessory.
Ergonomic Design: Easy to hold, rubber over mould helps grip and cushions shock.
Quality Cells: Balanced high quality cells deliver the renowned Anton/Bauer long life performance.
3 Models: 90Wh, 150Wh, 190Wh

Performance Charger Series
Features a new, efficient charging algorithm for multi-chemistry, simultaneous charging. The series is nearly 40% more efficient than traditional chargers, rendering large power supplies virtually obsolete.

Key Values:
Ergonomic design: Easy to carry and one-handed removal of batteries enables smooth operation in the field.
Touch Screen Activity and Status Indicator: Simple interface displays critical battery data and access to all functions.
Wi-Fi and Battery Management Software option: Remotely manage your fleets health and status.
New ‘green’ charger: Charges faster using less power.
• Charging algorithm 40% more efficient than traditional chargers.
• Automatically detects which battery has the strongest charge and prioritizes it, ensuring that a fully charged battery is always available in the shortest amount of time possible.

Regulated XLR output to power a camera while simultaneously charging batteries.
2 Models:
Performance Charger QUAD: 4-position simultaneous charger
Performance Charger DUAL: 2-position simultaneous charger

For more information about these pioneering new series, go to video.antonbauer.com