Freddie Wong Insight

Filmmaker and VFX artist Freddie Wong used a host of Sachtler, Anton/Bauer, Litepanels and Manfrotto gear on the production of the futuristic action comedy web series Video Game High School. The show, produced by Rocket Jump Studios, follows BrianD, a video game star in a world that prizes video gaming and makes celebrities of its players.

It’s a popular show – currently in its third season – and is known for its stellar live action scenes and the Vitec Videocom brands were instrumental in bringing that adrenaline-fueled excitement to viewers. Litepanels Sola 6 Fresnels, Bi-Color 1x1s, Anton/Bauer Gold Mounts, Manfrotto Fig Rig and Sachtler SPEEDLOCK CF HD and Video 20 fluid head, were all used to bring the future to the screen.

Freddie Wong explains: “On VGHS, we had Litepanels fixtures everywhere and anywhere. There were a number of situations where regular lighting just would not have worked; it would have been too cumbersome or not even possible. We did a lot more location shooting for season three and the ability to have a light where we needed it, without having to spend 20 minutes running cable and making sure the generator could support it, was really important.

We used Anton/Bauer products to power our lights and our cameras for the entire season three shoot. I would go with the Anton/Bauer Gold Mount any day of the week. It’s not even a question for me.

I’ve always been a big fan of Manfrotto’s Fig Rig system. You can be very precise with your fast pans and you’re able to hop all over the place really quickly. In terms of the handheld work that we do, we use the Fig Rig like crazy on VGHS. It allows us to stay smooth instead of being super shaky. In episode three of this season, all of the handheld work was done on a Fig Rig and we were able to have exactly the look that we wanted.

The Sachtler SPEED LOCK CF HD legs are my favourite tripod legs ever manufactured. I don’t understand why everyone doesn’t just use these legs. If you’ve ever used a huge hand-crank to readjust the heavy metal leg staging’s of another brand – why would you ever do that? The SPEED LOCK is just faster and you don’t get a workout every time you move the camera. We also use the VIDEO 20 S1 fluid head on VGHS and it’s all we need. It lets us balance fast, it’s incredibly versatile, and it can take anything we throw at it.”