Crazy VidCon

While some of you may have been enjoying a sunny summer, we have been busy reviewing the exciting amount of online video available and travelled to VidCon in Anaheim, California to meet the creators of the most popular YouTube channels and their fans. VidCon has established itself as the world’s premier gathering of people who make online video.

Everyone is aware that video on demand is a big trend in our industry and younger generations may not hang out on the sofa to watch TV anymore. But what we saw in Anaheim was really crazy and far ahead of what we thought. Thousands of kids and teenagers were screaming and running behind their YouTubers, who are treated like rock stars. Those YouTubers are also called “stage moms”, as they seem to get their education more from their YouTube channel stars than from their own parents.

To get a feeling for the atmosphere at the show just watch the video below from a popular channel (approx 300k subscribers) that documents their visit at the show:

So why do we talk about all this here? Because we see how professional the world of online video is becoming and how fast image quality is growing. Where people look for a superior image, Vitec Videocom with its brands is right there with its market leading products.

VidCon is a “child” of Google and YouTube and Google makes money with advertising. To get more revenue out of YouTube, Google needs to make sure video content is getting better and better. One of many initiatives we recognise is how Google acquires sound stages in big cities around the globe to have facilities to teach their YouTubers how to shoot great video.

No good content without good equipment! So how can channel owners afford it? gives a good overview of the most successful channels and their estimated income, only from Google advertising – not considering all the product placement money that comes from the consumer industry. As an example, a channel called Pewdiepie, with over 30 million subscribers, has an estimated yearly earning from Google of €2.1M – €16.6M.

Check out and see what kind of YouTube channels are the most successful. It may help you start your first channel or make your existing channels more successful.