Broadcast unusual images from camera positions normally inaccessible with the revolutionary new Q-Ball3

Audiences expect to see all the footage from sports and entertainment events. Broadcasters are under pressure to record the action from increasingly unusual vantage points, in full HD.

To get footage like this requires positioning cameras remotely in areas inaccessible to camera operators. And, just as importantly, being able to reliably monitor and control all of these remote cameras from one central location.

The new Q3 takes remote camera control to an entirely new level

Developed from the multiple-award-winning Q-Ball, the new Q3 incorporates double the zoom power, a higher specification camera and a greatly expanded feature set. It is compatible with multiple serial data formats including IP plus Camera Corps own audio-based data system.

“The original Q-Ball revolutionised the use of robotic cameras in applications such as sports and reality shows,” states Camera Corps’ founder and managing director Laurie Frost. “Q3 elevates remote camera control to an entirely new level. It gives producers much greater flexibility plus the freedom to source high-quality live video from an unlimited number of cameras located anywhere in, around or outside a production set. Q3 feeds can be intercut seamlessly with the output from broadcast cameras. Each Q3 head incorporates a high-precision pan/tilt/zoom/focus mechanism in a compact unit which can be mounted at any height, indoors or outdoors, and operated under full remote control from an adjacent desk or half-way round the world. Over a hundred Q3 heads can be operated from a single joystick panel.”

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The Q-Ball pedigree

Q-Ball has been successfully deployed across a wide range of sports, entertainment and reality TV events. These have included venue wide and overhead shots at the Commonwealth Games and the Asian Games.

In reality TV, Q-Ball has captured close-up shots where a cameraman would have been too obtrusive in programmes like I’m a celebrity get me out of here, Hell’s Kitchen and Fame Academy. The full extent of the remote control pan/tilt heads and camera, have also proved valuable in horizontal and vertical tracking of activities in Children In Need, The Royal Variety Show and the MTV Music Awards amongst many others. “Q-Ball adds a dramatic ingredient and brings viewers closer to the action” says Simon Broughton, Director at the BBC Proms.

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