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Al Dawri & Al Kass (known as Al-Kass), a sports channel based in Doha, Qatar, uses multiple Autoscript prompting units and newsroom software for its studio complex. One of the key sports broadcasters in the Middle East region, Al-Kass broadcasts 24 hours a day, presenting mainly Gulf-based sports events from three 600m studios; each studio is equipped with three Autoscript LED 17″ On Camera Units with WinPlus newsroom software and various accessories including Magno Foot Controls. The sale was completed by German distributor, Gruppe 3, and installed by systems integrator BFE.

Juergen Loos, BFE, said, “Al-Kass’s main requirements for its prompting solutions in the new studios were reliability and functionality. They had previously used Autoscript prompters and were pleased to choose them again for their robustness and reliability for day-to-day studio operations.”

Robin Brown, Product Manager, Autoscript, said, “Al-Kass’s demanding production schedule in the fast-moving sports broadcasting arena requires that they have equipment they can depend on 24/7. Our solutions provide that peace of mind to leading broadcasters around the world.”

Choose the right on-air integrated prompting solution for your needs

Studio or OB talent can speak with confidence whilst camera operators have full manoeuverability thanks to innovative on-air prompting solutions from Autoscript. These new systems do not require additional mounting brackets that limit camera tilt or separate prompters that need an additional power source.


Autoscript’s integrated on-air prompting solutions do not restrict camera tilt and do not need additional power for screens. That means your camera operators can be more manoeuvrable and your equipment more cost effective, our dealers have a full understanding of all Autoscript products. Talk to a dealer near you to understand what you’ll need for stress free prompting with your existing camera and accessories.

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All Autoscript TFT screens are FCC and CE EMC compliant. They also offer a unique “sleep” board that preserves the life of the backlight, increases reliability and improves performance. Screen sizes range from 19″ studio units down to an 8″ TFT version ideal for portable set-ups. There’s even a 3.5″ hand-held solution.

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