Studios go LED


Cooler studios and improved lighting result in lower studio operating costs

When it’s time to update your studio, it’s surprising what factors you need to consider before deciding on the new fixtures you’ll need to invest in. One area that has a physical and financial impact is how to light your new studio. Typically, you’ll be conscious of trying to prevent your talent from melting under the heat generated by the lights. That may involve air conditioning systems, which together with the cost of powering the studio lights, can be a big cost in your operating budget.

However, many studios are turning to LED lighting solutions from Litepanels and seeing significant improvements. LED studio lighting is proving to be a popular choice with studio talent as well as the accountant! It’s something that television studio WGEM-TV in Quincy, IL, have discovered first hand.

Having experienced the benefits of Litepanels’ studio solutions during conversions at WVVA-TV in Bluefield, WV, and WSJV-TV in Elkhart, IN, lighting designer Steve Mulkey of Redwood Media Group knew where to start when it came to updating the studio in Quincy.

Mulkey relied primarily on Litepanels’ Sola 4 daylight balance LED Fresnel fixtures, which combine the advantages of LED technology with the classic Fresnel fixture design. He also incorporated daylight balance Litepanels 1×1 Flood and 1×1 Spot fixtures in the studio, and used Litepanels Sola ENG daylight Fresnel fixtures in the Newsroom.

The feedback about the new lights was really positive. “Flesh tones really pop. We’re very happy with how it looks on the air. At the end of the day, that’s the most important thing” said Brady Dreasler, Quincy Newspapers‚ Director of Capital, Facilities and Engineering, adding that news anchors have also seen a difference. “They know they look better because of the HD cameras and the lighting, and they are happy with it.”

Dreasler also commented on the impact of the Litepanels’ solution generating less heat, not just at Quincy but at other studios that have also been updated. “Before the update, we were running full air conditioning at all these places, even when it was 20 degrees below zero outdoors. The Litepanels fixtures generate so little heat that at KTTC-TV in Rochester, MN, engineers have installed small heaters under the anchor desk for the really cold days during the region’s brutal winters!”

With less energy required to power traditional studio lights and associated air-conditioning systems, the business case is on track too. Dreasler said that these energy savings, along with a rebate from the local electrical power utility, has put them on track for a 3-year payback on their Litepanels’ investment.

Litepanels’ now have an impressive track record providing cost effective LED studio lighting for TV broadcast studios.

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